Best Smart Rings Review

Best Smart Rings Review

A smart ring is a kind of decoration with the help of which you can establish a connection with a mobile phone held in your hand. A smart device allows you to receive, store and transmit information, making life easier for its owner.

The definition of what is a smart ring and how it makes our lives easier?

Recently, more and more startups and interesting projects have appeared precisely on crowdfunding platforms. For those who are not aware, crowdfunding sites are Internet resources where companies or developers post prototypes of their devices in order to raise funds for serial production. The launch of such platforms is also important because large companies in the IT industry cannot monitor all developments and, even more so, sponsor all productions. And ordinary people can.

With the development of innovative technologies, more and more goods of interest to society appear on the market. One of them is a smart ring, which has a number of features and advantages, so what is a smart ring? A small modern gadget was able to gain popularity quite quickly, as it became necessary for many people. The intelligent ring is delivered in a small plastic box, which, in turn, is in a cardboard box with the manufacturer’s logo, the date of manufacture, and the size of the gadget itself. There is also a QR code on the package that leads to the user guide on the main website. After opening the box, the design of the ring immediately catches the eye.

To pay for goods and services contactless, a special module must be installed in the smart ring. Now there is no need to always have a bank card with you if you have a wearable tech ring on your finger. After bringing it to the terminal, the required amount will be instantly debited from the account. Before paying for a purchase, you need to make sure that the payment terminal supports contactless payment.

Which are the best smart rings in the market?

The wearable electronics segment is changing beyond recognition from year to year – just now, we were surprised at the possibilities of smartwatches when smart rings came into play. Even more miniature and inconspicuous devices allow you to control a lot of vital parameters of the body and are equipped with assistants for balancing lifestyle. Our new ranking contains seven of the most interesting smart rings that have already appeared on the shelves or will go on sale in 2023, which are the following:

  • Jakcom Smart Ring R3

Jakcom Smart Ring R3 is powered by an NXP MCU chipset and supports NFC control. The material of the ring is a special alloy coated with tungsten and ceramic for increased strength. The ring complies with medical standards. The cardinal difference from competitors is that there are batteries; therefore, it does not require recharging.

  • Oura Ring 3

An elegant, smart ring of the new generation, which received modern chips for tracking the level of oxygen in the blood, the female cycle, and 24-hour heart rate monitoring. An ideal solution is if you do not like a bulky smartwatch on your hand and do not like to be distracted by messages.

  • NFC Opn

A simple device with built-in NFC tags – one of them stores public information, the other – personal. Accordingly, the outer part of the ring is suitable for, for example, sharing your email address with someone, while the inner part is responsible for payments or opening smart locks.