One arc to rule them all

The tago arc is a durable premium quality accessory that always matches the wearer’s mood and attire. It is lightweight and fashionable. The designs are displayed in simple greyscale. The #tago arc comes in three colors - silver/gold/black, that guarantees the timeless elegance of the bracelet. Just tag it and wear it. It is only one bracelet, but thanks to the ultra-thin, flexible E-ink technology and the smartphone application, you can continuously change the displayed design on it to always match your mood and outfit.

It is simple to use

• Create or choose a design from the tago app.
• Download it onto your smartphone.
• Tag it onto the bracelet on the go, anytime anywhere!

The next generation of jewelry

You will never be annoyed with bottoms or cords, and elaborate app settings. The tago arc is a comfortable wearable tech for the purpose of looking good on one’s wrist.