The Travel and Event Companion you didn’t know you were missing

The Tago Badge is a next generation Travel and/or Event must have. The Tago Badge is controlled by an App on your phone through which you can upload a series of data.
For the Travel Badge this data can be your destination address, emergency contact, flight QR codes to make your travel smooth and eliminate the need to stress about battery charge levels on your phone.
For Events, this can be used as a name card, business card or even an event itinerary which can save on cost of printing, time and is also kind to the environment. Also linked with the App it could be used to encourage networking, and data sharing to increase ROI for corporations.

It is simple to use

• Using the App, enter your details to the required fields
• Upload your QR code
• Click “Create” and then the App will format the data and image to a nice display image for your Tago Badge, then just Tag and Go.

The Next generation of Badges

Take your travel game to the next level, with no stress and a winning edge. The Tago badge is your travel/event companion for the future, and watch this space for more new features and product range launches.