Have you used your Tago Arc yet?

No: Please put it on a charger. (See how to position correctly) The blue led should light on charger. Depending on firmware versions the screen should turn inverse. (Some older firmware versions may not change). Leave the bracelet on the charger until blue light goes off.

Yes: Is there a problem with charging?

  • Yes: Blue light never goes on when putting the Tago Arc on the charger.

  • Does the blue LED light up for a second when you plug the USB cable ?
    • Yes:

      • Please try to reposition the Tago Arc. Slowly move the bracelet forwards & backwards on the charger, rotate with small movements until you see the blue light to turn on. Finding the ideal charging spot could be tricky.

    • No:

      • Make sure you use the right adapter (5V, 1A minimum)
      • Check whether the micro USB cable has any damage
      • Please try with a new micro USB cable

Is there a problem with the App (lost password, won’t start, etc…)  ?


  • Lost password :
    • 1. Click on Forgot Password
    • 2. Enter the email address linked to your Tago Account
    • 3. Check your email inbox and click on the link in the email you received to reset your password
    • 4. Enter your new password and save it.
    • 5. Open the application and enter the new password
  • App won’t start:
    • Please try to reinstall.
      • Uninstall completely
      • Install again from store 

No: Is there a problem with changing the pattern?

Yes: When selecting the image in the app do you see your Tago Arc in the list?

  • No:
    • 1. Make sure your Bluetooth is switched on.
    • 2. Make sure your Tago Arc is charged. → jump how to charge
    • 3. Please reboot the App. Close it in the App manager, then restart it.
    • 4. After charge cycle finished, position your phone near the Tago Arc and wait at least 30 sec.
    • Did it appear in the list?
      • Yes: Try to upload the image -> jump how to change pattern
      • No: If you have access to another phone, please repeat the steps above to see if it solves your problem . -> If not contact support (possible defective unit)
  • Yes: Is there a problem changing the pattern?
    • No: Please describe your issue! (Fill in the contact form available from Support Team: support@liber8tech.com)
    • Yes: After selecting the right Tago Arc, does it start to upload the image?
      • Yes, but before finishing it, I got “something went wrong message” 
        • Please reinstall app. (remove completely, then install from store again)
        • Please make sure that you have your Tago Arc charged -> see charging
        • If the above doesn’t solve your problem, please try it with another phone
    • No:
      • Please make sure that you have your Tago Arc charged
      • Place your phone near to the Tago Arc, and try to change the pattern again